Under My Wing

Entrepreneurship drives innovation, competitiveness, job creation and growth. It allows new innovative ideas turn into successful ventures and can unlock the personal potential of individuals. The critical role played by micro-enterprise start-ups and young businesses in driving economic development and job creation is increasingly recognised by individuals and governments. Entrepreneurship can be a viable alternative for young graduates to dependent labour. Entrepreneurial skills in young people can also benefit local economic development by creating a powerful cadre of future local business and civic leaders.

Group photo.jpg“Under My Wing – Supporting Graduate Entrepreneurs” represents a new innovation that aims to support the career progression of graduates from non-business related disciplines as entrepreneurs. The project is being led by Meath Partnership in Ireland and the consortium includes partners in Malta, Cyprus, Germany, Spain, Lithuania and Finland.

“…the future lies in a knowledge based economy where education and innovation provide the main sources of economic growth…"


UMW has designed, developed and implemented a comprehensive blended learning curriculum that includes:

  • A bespoke entrepreneurship curriculum that specifically addresses the needs of graduates
  • A business development curriculum that supports the acquisition of a wide range of essential skills
  • A pedagogic framework and induction programme that ensures best practice is adhered to by each actor within the partnership model proposed
  • A trans-national mentoring framework to support graduate entrepreneurs in their early development years encouraging them to think and act globally in a global economy


Trim Meeting 2.jpgUMW offers a flexible and adaptable business immersion programme placing graduates in vibrant micro-enterprises where they can witness first-hand the diversity of skills necessary to run and manage a business whilst simultaneously developing their own business idea.


For further information on the “Under My Wing – Supporting Graduate Entrepreneurs” project please contact Meath Partnership on +353 46 9280790 or contact your local partner.


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