Welcome to the Under My Wing e-Learning Platform

As a person who has recognised an opportunity and who is acting on it to start a new enterprise, you have become a member of one of the most important groups of people in Europe—you have become one of Europe’s entrepreneurs.

Enterprising people like you are essential to European growth and job creation and to maintaining and improving the prosperity of Europe’s citizens. Under My Wing is a fresh, new, energetic programme with an innovative curriculum format that will introduce you to the skill sets required to address the complex daily life of an entrepreneur. It aims to contribute to the development of your enterprise attributes and related personal competencies and to impart the fundamentals of sound business management that will help you as you launch your own business venture.

Technical, behavioural and management competencies relevant to entrepreneurship will be addressed as you progress through the e-learning activities and the highly practical classroom based learning that comprises seminars, workshops, discussion groups and Master Classes delivered by experienced entrepreneurs.

The learning will be enhanced through immersion in the activities of local micro, small and medium sized businesses where you will experience the realities of running an enterprise
and gain valuable insight into the businesses environment from the owners of these businesses. We hope you enjoy the programme and we wish you every success on your entrepreneurial journey.

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