The People Behind the Project 

The Under My Wing – Supporting Graduate Entrepreneurship project is brought to you by a consortium of nine partners representing Ireland (2), Malta, Germany (2), Cyprus, Spain, Lithuania and Finland with funding from the European Commission under the Lifelong Learning Programme 2007 - 2013.

Collective expertise in the areas of vocational education and training, entrepreneurship and business development, research and technology is available within the consortium. Each acting partner has established local development sub-groups to ensure that the views of graduates, education providers and micro-enterprise owners are at the heart of the project's development process.

The Project Consortium consists of six Acting Partners and three Supporting Partners and a brief description of each partner is set out below. Contact details for each partner are available by clicking here.

Acting Partners

Meath Partnership - IrelandMP Logo Spots.jpg

Meath Partnership plays a major strategic role in the economic development of County Meath implementing a series of development strategies to increase local employment prospects particularly for those most distant from the labour market. As a company we provide direct support delivering practical and business-enhancing solutions on a range of human resource, training and performance related issues.  We can provide capital grant aid up to €150,000 to support the creation and expansion of micro-enterprises thereby supporting job creation & economic diversification.

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Foundation for Women Entrepreneurs - MaltaFWE Logo.jpg

The Foundation for Women Entrepreneurs promotes opportunities, awareness building, training and research in Malta in the field of entrepreneurship and other gender issues. It aims at establishing entrepreneurship as a culture and way of life for women – not only business owners, but workers, mothers and citizens. The foundation believes in promoting initiatives that foster the creation of entrepreneurial networks that are accessible to the majority of women and in creating awareness of the impact that women entrepreneurs can have on the national and regional economy. The foundation also supports research and training infrastructures thereby helping prospective entrepreneurs to develop their skills and their business ideas.

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SYNTHESIS Centre for Research & Education Limited - Cyprus Synthesis

SYNTHESIS is a learning events provider and a center for the development of social entrepreneurship providing bespoke training programmes for young people.  Our learning events aim to inspire and empower learners.  The people who are at risk of social exclusion is our priority. Synthesis is a leader in the efforts to promote social entrepreneurship in Cyprus through educational, research, and promotional activities and have been selected to be the Cypriot country partner of the Social Innovation Europe (SIE) network, the most important network of social innovation in Europe.

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TTG Team Training GmbH - Germany logo_team_training_webadresse.eps

With 12 offices in 8 different cities in the Neckar-Alb region of southwest Germany, ttg Team Training GmbH provides adult education and offers language courses, vocational training, job services, and general further education as well as consulting and coaching. Since 2006 we have supported over 400 graduates and clients to establish their own business by analysing their concepts, by working out Business Plans, by coaching them for marketing situations and assessing their entrepreneurial potential.

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Instituto de Formación Integral. S.L.U - Spain ifi_logo.jpg

Instituto de Formación Integral is a key provider of non-regulated vocational training and occupational training. It specialises in the design and implementation of staff training plans for companies and labour market activation training for unemployed people in collaboration with the Public Service of Employment and several local and Autonomous Administrations. IFI is certified in conformance with UNE-EN ISO 9001:2000 in the following activities: “Consultancy and technical assistance to the implementation of projects related to the information society. Development and management of European projects”, as well as in “Professional training focused in the employment”.

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Northern Lithuania CollegeSLK Logo.jpg

Northern Lithuania College offers basic non-university studies and provides higher education and professional qualifications relevant to labour market needs, especially in business, science and new technologies. The main focus, and successful activity of the college, is in the field of in practical business consultation and training. Knowledge of real market needs allows the college to ensure that high quality and pertinent services for students are provided. We prepare undergraduate students to meet or exceed performance expectations in initial professional positions and to build upon experiences to achieve career advancement. Our focus is on student development of disciplinary competence, effective communication skills, collaborative problem solving skills, competence in the use of technology and an understanding of the importance of ethical behavior.

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Supporting Partners

Innoventum Oy - Technology - Finland innoventum_logo-web.jpg

Innoventum Oy, founded in 2001, has strong experience in developing easy-to-use web-based applications for purposes ranging from e-learning to online shopping and live video streaming. We have a product base that suits for many different needs, built on a highly flexible and efficient framework. Our goal is to be the forerunner in modern web technologies and web based solutions.

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University of Paderborn - Pedagogy - Germany upb-germany_wp_logo_large.png

The chair Wirtschaftspädagogik II is partner in the UMW project and is settled at the department 5: Business and Human Resource Education of the University of Paderborn. The Department for Business and Human Resource Education is one out of six Departments of the Faculty of Business Administration, Economics and Business Computing at the University of Paderborn. It educates students in the first phase (university phase) of teacher education for the field of adult education, vocational education and training (more precisely: field business and economics) in Germany.

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Future In Perspective Limited - Dissemination - Ireland fipl_rgb.jpg

Future In Perspective Limited (fipl) is a private company working in the field of adult education, e-learning, digital media and social inclusion. The company focusses its work in 4 main areas:

  • conducting research and analysis in the fields of education, business development and support, migrant integration, social inclusion, and rural development with a special focus on participatory action research;
  • designing and implementing evaluation frameworks and conducting quality assurance audits and assessments;
  • multi-media design and training, the development of media rich learning tools, resources and environments, and audio-visual production; with a particular emphasis on developing self-directed learning pathways fipl encourages the educational development of “Free Agent Learners” affording target group members the opportunity to develop their key competences in blended learning environments
  • developing overarching branding concepts and promotional campaigns for the community and voluntary sector and education providers to attract reluctant learners to lifelong learning;