Under My Wing

The aim of UMW is to support the career progression of graduates from non-business related disciplines as entrepreneurs. In achieving this aim partners will design and provide a continuum of support to unemployed or underemployed graduates that draw on the specific strengths of different actors throughout the education and business sectors.

The objectives of UMW are to:

  1. Address the high levels of unemployment and underemployment evident among graduates in participating countries

  2. Support economic growth by fostering creative mind-sets, initiative and self-confidence; the growth of an entrepreneurial spirit; and create localised hubs of entrepreneurial activities

  3. Ensure that all relevant actors contribute to the design, development and delivery of the bespoke educational process proposed

  4. Promote entrepreneurship as a viable and sustainable option for graduates and impending graduates

  5. Encourage graduates to think globally to meet the needs and harness the potential of a globalised economy

  6. Ensure equality of opportunity for graduates regardless of gender or ethnicity




News Flash - Lithuania

“…while the rate of unemployment in Lithuania has fallen by almost 2%, from 14.2% to 12.4%, during the last year, high youth unemployment rates still remain problematic..."


News Flash - Spain

“…Spain is currently experiencing the highest unemployment rates among European countries. According to the latest Eurostat figures the unemployment rate in October 2012 stood at 26.2%..."


News Flash - Malta

...Unemployment Rate in Malta increased to 6.60 percent in the third quarter of 2012 from 6.50 percent in the second quarter of 2012. Unemployment Rate in Malta is reported by the Central Bank of Malta.. 


News Flash - Cyprus

“…unemployment in Cyprus continues to climb, reaching 12.9 in October 2012, up from a 3.8% in October 2008…"


News Flash - Germany

“...academics and graduates have a very good chance of succes in the German labour market..."


News Flash - Ireland

“…almost one fifth of all new graduates in Ireland are currently job-seeking with the unemployment rate among those who graduated less than two years ago standing at 18.5%..."